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Use our cutting edge video interpreting platform to connect with your non-English speaking clients. Bylyngo is revolutionizing the interpreting industry with our 24/7/365 Anytime, Anywhere approach
Bylyngo Video Interpreter Services - how we make it happen?
Our process involves the use of cutting-edge and best-of-breed telecommunication technology, combined with our experienced video interpreters who are proficient in more than 72 languages and dialects.
It is a 3 way video remote conference with a human interpreter who serves as a mediator between your staff and your client - a Limited English Proficient speaker.
Our proficiency and command over languages gives us the ability to understand and clearly convey messages at both ends.
Affordable solutions for small, medium and large sized businesses:
  • Easy to connect using our Bylyngo mobile app or from your personal computer

  • Connect to interpreter on demand 24/7/365 *

  • Certified interpreters and trained, qualified and experienced interpreters available in over 72 languages.

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Characteristics of Our Video Interpreters
Every time you use Bylyngo for Video Interpreting, you can expect the following characteristics in our interpreters, regardless of the language you choose:
  • Professional, friendly and courteous.
  • Excellent industry knowledge and terminologies of the subject to be interpreted.
  • Strict adherence to HIPAA and confidentiality standards.
  • Native foreign language interpreters.
  • Bound by our strict confidentially agreement, and HIPAA standards. Rest assured your information is safe
  • Interpreters who are culturally experienced and trained to ensure seamless communication.
Why our clients choose us
When we say we provide you with the highest quality services, we truly mean it.
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