ByLyngo Interpreting & Translation is a local provider of language interpreter and translation services. Our interpreters are trained, qualified and certified.

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Document Translations

Trusted document translatorst providing translations in over 72 languages at competitive prices, with the fastest turnaround, without compromising your confidentiality or losing the original meaning of the translated document.


Trusted Milwaukee Business Translations

ByLyngo also provides other Language Communication Services for our Clients


interpreters Video Interpreting

Video Interpreters available from anywhere, at any time, from any device


interpreters Phone Interpreting

Access interpreters in over 100 languages. Connect instantly


interpreters Local-on-site Interpreters

Interpreters at your physical location to interpret face to face discussions with your clients


interpreters Translation & Localization

Our trusted and experienced translators will help you with any certified document translation or localization project



interpreters  is the largest city in Wisconsin with a very diverse population. Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language while Hmong and Arabic come in 3th + 4th

interpreters is a great city of approximately 600,000 residents.Milwaukee prides itself in being called the City of Festivals as it held some of the largest cultural festivals in the nation including GermanFest, Polish Fest, Irish Fest, IFesta Italiana and Fiesta Mexcicana

Milwaukee used to be the beer brewing capital of the country and from the major league baseball team, The Brewers to the old historic breweries, Milwaukee boasts of its brewing heritage. Several large companies call Milwaukee home, including Johnson Controls, Milwaukee Electric Tool, Rockwell Automation, and what some consider the gem of the city, Harley -Davidson Motorcycles.

Trust Bylyngo Translations

Trust Bylyngo to translate your business forms, signage, communication content, brochures, technical manuals, legal filing, agreements, applications or any other document into over 72 languages

Our translators are native speakers with industry expertise and solid understanding of the local culture and dialect. This enables us to translate and localize documents with precision and correct industry terminology and deliver the message as intended in the language of choice..

Traslation across all Industries

Government & Social Services - court, legal, insurance, and social service translations.
Health Care - Treatment plans, discharge instructions, and insurance determinations.
Financial Industry - Mortgage and loan documents, contracts, etc.
Business - Training manuals, Human Resource policies, product descriptions and product information.